The after sales program aims to efficiently manage the cost of maintenance and treatments of engines. The lubricants will be thoroughly monitored to ensure smooth and efficient operation under any operating conditions.

Tribina Panutan provides technical support for the following programs:

Technical Advisory and Troubleshooting Assistance

Technical advisories are given in order to optimize the performance of lubricants, reduce the frequency of breakdown and increase the machine's availability. Our dedicated technical personnel will provide in-depth technical and application support and solutions, basic lubricant-related failure diagnosis, and assistance in identifying areas of improvement in lubrication.

Product Application and Lubrication Management

Lubricant product selection and effective lubrication management are critical factors in protecting high-cost equipment. They can help minimize downtime, thus cutting down the maintenance cost. Our team will provide consultation and assistance in selecting the right product and its application based on the combination of the equipment's design characteristics, operational parameters, and environment.

Oil Analyst

This service allows the customer to monitor the equipment without interrupting operations, assess the lubricant condition, interpret the results, and identify any potential problem, thus preventing unpredicted issues as well as enhancing the equipment’s performance.

Oil Filter Inspection

A troubleshooting tool to investigate the condition of an engine when an abnormal operating condition occurs.

Lubricant Training

Providing an array of training programs for the customer’s operational team in the knowledge and practices around lubricant handling management. A tailor-made program can also be arranged to suit the needs.

Workshop & Seminar

A platform to share the latest updates, knowledge, and best practice from subject matter experts where productive discussion and networking will take place.

Engine Borescope

Using Engine Boroscope as a tool to inspect key internal engine components including the inaccessible areas without having to dismantle the engine itself. This is a cost-effective and efficient way to assess the engine's condition and to identify any potential damage or problem so that the preventive actions can be taken.

Thermal Inspection

A condition monitoring tool using a thermal imaging method. This examination is done at a safe distance without interrupting operation in order to identify potential failure and support predictive maintenance.

Lubricant Inspection

This service is designed to help identify the areas of improvement in the customer's operation related to the lubricant's storage and handling.

Lubricant Dispensing & Storage System

A facility provided to support customer's on-site operation, ensuring the lubricants are stored in the right conditions and handled correctly in terms of storage and dispensing. This is to avoid contamination and preserve the key characteristics of the lubricants. Note: This service is limited to contract customers with terms and conditions applied.

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